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Monday, May 14, 2012

Trail Dust SteakHouse

 Penta-Date was Saturday night and Paul had mentioned to me how he wanted to go to "Trail Dust Steakhouse."  I looked at their website and saw that they had a band playing which went with our dinner and dancing theme.  The thing about Trail Dust in another town is when you wear a tie they cut it off.  Kind of like saying we are relaxed in this place but, this Trail Dust is owned by a different group and they had nothing on the website about cutting the ties off.
 From the pictures you can see that they surely do cut off your tie if you wear one (OK, so they do it if you want them to).  Which my son wanted to wear a tie just in case they did cut them off and surely they did.  You can see him in the top picture getting it cut off and in the picture above you can see him with his date.
 Then Paul also wore a tie and had it cut off.  I totally messed up and was left out of all the fun.  You can see the wall of ties behind Paul and his wife Deb.  Now the bad part about the date or at least the parts that could be improved upon would be to next time go to a bigger place where we could have more conversation.  The band was good but they were loud, then throw in all the graduation parties, birthday parties and us with the band noise and you couldn't hear yourself think.  Then the food was not exactly the finest of foods but it was good.  I would say next time we need to go a little higher class on the food.  This place even had a slide that you could go down and it dumped you right on the dance floor.
Here Zaine is tacking Paul's tie up on the wall o' ties.  The funny thing is on his place card Paul put down the date and also the "Penta-Date" minus one.  The reason for the minus one was that Paul's youngest son's date had fallen through so we were four couples and a stag.  Paul's oldest son had a funny joke where he kept going "Neil, party of one" and that cracked me up.  We tried to get him to dance with the million girls in the place but he had no game to even go up and ask one to dance.  The other boys did get on the dance floor and performed a little two stepping.  I would say Penta-Date was a success and now I know what to improve on for next time.

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