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Friday, May 4, 2012


My son is an interesting feller.  He is extremely smart and could be very athletic just neither of those things perk his interest in having that "want" in his life.  You know what I mean about a "want."  They are the things that make you practice and study something so you will know everything about it.  Then you obsess about it so you can work to be the best at it.  Camping is one of those things that has alot of the "want" for my son.  I would probably say guns, military, camping, and climbing are alot of the items that gets him going.
 The big item for my son at school that gives him that "want" is his welding class.  That boy spends every free moment he can in that classroom, either working on his projects or helping others.  He is obsessed with trying to get his hands on every type of welder or welding he can.  The boy even goes so far that he listens to classic rock because that is all his teacher allows them to play on the shop radio.  He knows every car his ag teacher and shop teacher own or even have ever owned.  They are not just his teachers but the adults at school he looks up to and goes to for anything.  That is why when he told me he was receiving an award for his welding I could not be happier.  Once he received his certificate, as he was walking back to his seat both his shop teacher and ag teacher came to him and shook his hand.  I was real proud about how he has taken to those teachers.  After the ceremony my wife had our son try to hunt down the teachers so we could meet them but had no luck.  Zaine figured they probably headed to the ag barn to check on the animals and headed home.  We will for sure meet them sometime, he has two more years with them.

 I wanted to recap a couple of projects my son has made this year.  Above is my "Dia-banksy" syringe cattle brand he made me for Christmas.
 Then the biggest project my son has made (or at least the biggest one I have seen so far) is his custom charcoal grill he made us for cooking out at our ranch.  We use this sucker to grill all sorts of meats and also to keep the dutch ovens high so we don't have to bend over to check them.
Who has a chicken statue outside their restaurant?  How times have changed, remember the old Kips big boy and Ronald McDonald's outside their restaurants?  When did we go away from having such larger than life mascots?  The biggest one that stands out in my mind is "Jack" from the Jack in the Box fast food stores but, they don't have statues of him at the restaurants.  We came across the chicken in the photo above on our way back from the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge last weekend and I had to get some pictures of us in front of it.  Lets start a petition and bring back statues.

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