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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring is in the air for some new underwear

 I know that once the lilies bloom it is the end of spring here in North Texas and the beginning of the summer.  Here you see my last Lilly of 14 Lilly bulbs I planted 8 years ago that has survived the horrible Texas winters.  I should probably dig these guys up each year and put them in some pantie hose and store them in my garage like my mother used to do but I don't and therefore am left with just one. 

My usual pattern for summer shorts is usually boating shorts that are made to look like regular shorts.  They have a cotton look and feel to the polyester so they fit in most outdoor occasions such as BBQ parties, camping, or hanging out at the Texas Rangers games.  I like these shorts because they first have lots of pockets for all of those diabetes needs then they have the gusseted crotch.  The gusseted crotch makes them pretty much like a pair of swim trunks just they usually have either a built in belt or belt loops and either a faux fly or an actual fly but they do something to create a non-swimming look to them.  Then there is the comfort of quickly drying which is why I like them so much.  I am what you would consider as a heavy sweater and keeping moisture in the areas where the sun does not shine produces rashes, chafing, and is just annoying.
Recently a friend of mine told me about how he wears performance boxer-briefs in the summer time to do exactly what I do with the boat shorts.  The difference is he can wear his underwear with other materials such as cotton or even with blue jeans or hiking pants.  With my friends advice I started the search for summer weight performance briefs.  Now, I don't wear the boxer-briefs, I wear just regular whitie-tightie underwear.  They just feel right on me and I don't have all the bunching in the legs that the boxer-briefs have.  My first stop was to Target where my friend told me he purchased his and all they had were the boxer-brief models (they were remodeling the Target I was at as well).  Then in February I received my REI dividends and a coupon to get 20% off any regularly priced item and also 20% off one clearance item.  As I was looking at what they had on clearance I noticed they had these Gordini Silkweight Briefs marked down from 18 bucks to 11 bucks.  Then with my extra 20% off I got the pair for around 9 dollars.  The first time I wore these were a few weeks ago at an orienteering event where my son and I ran across this park finding 10 control markers on a course that covered at least 4.8 miles (my runkeeper said we did 5.5 miles) and the day was warm in the 80's and the humidity was as thick as could be, probably above the 60% zone.  Once the day was through I was still covered in sweat but I was not uncomfortable.  If I had worn my usual boat shorts my legs would be covered in scratches from doing alot of bush whacking and I still would have sweat through the shorts.  The shorts just usually dry faster but it was nice to be able to wear some new polyester performance pants with my new performance underwear and be comfortable.  I am definitely going to pick up a few more pairs of these undies and put them into my daily summer use and I will let you know if I change my mind or have any issues with them down the road.  These Gordini Silkweight Briefs are only offered at REI but I am going to try to get a couple of different pairs and try them all out.  Kind of have an underwear test off, or something like that.  Heck I might even buy a pair of boxer-briefs to test as well.

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