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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Everyone I know of uses Google for all their searches on the inter-web and some even use Google Chrome as their inter-web browser thing.  Then there are those few others that use or lycos as their search engine, but what everyone needs to do is switch to  You are asking yourself why?  Well because Bing is the only search engine that pays you to use them.  How do they do that?  Well first sign up for a Bing account and then whenever you do your searches on the inter-web use Bing and for every two searches you use they give you a point.  Then everyday if you look at their topic of the day they will reward you with more points and then the more points you build up you gain levels which gets you more points and so on.  In the end when you go and redeem these points they have quality gifts.  I was very sceptical of this Bing reward system at first because I am a Coke rewards person and they usually offer at the best a free coke with so many points but most of the rewards are either discounts on stuff or raffle chances to win big things you are almost guaranteed not to win.  With Bing the rewards are simple and they are good such as free red box movie rentals, Xbox live gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Groupon gift cards, and my favorite gift cards.  Many of my friends are extremely sceptical of using Bing and one even told me it was because "they record and monitor what you do on that website" and my response to that was if you are scared of Microsoft keeping your search results because that part of their business is about .001% of their revenue stream but Google does the same thing but your search history is about 99% of their business that makes no sense to be scared of Bing any more than Google.  So all of you penny pinching diabetics out there (OK and regular people as well) switch and earn free stuff.  I have already received 5.00 dollars in gift cards and 1/3rd the way to another 2.50 cent gift card just for doing what I already do.
Random photo of they day here, I was walking through the store the other day and noticed this "Lawn Darts" game and had to stop and take a closer look.  I am not sure any of you remember the original lawn darts game of the 80's but one of my best friends and I during the summers of early elementary school would play the original lawn darts at his house.  The original lawn darts had long sharp metal tips so they would stick in the ground.  The game was to set these rings out in your yard and they had red darts and blue darts and you were to throw these suckers in the air and try to get them to stick in the ground in the circle to get a point.  Well you can easily guess that throwing huge metal darts in the air for kids under the age of 10 would stop them from making that game for long but I remember the fun my buddy and I had with his set.  Now they make these as just weighted balls with fins on the back.  These should not be allowed to have the name of lawn darts.  They should be something like safety lawn spheres or something.  When you take the danger out of the original lawn dart you take all the fun out of it.  My friend and I would of course modify the game to where the circles where close to danger so if someone was a real bad thrower they were getting into some major trouble.  What will come next, not allowing babies to stick pennies in wall sockets?

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  1. LAWN darts used to be dangerous and that's what made them so much FUN! yeah.. what the shit is that? "safe" lawn darts should be called "boredom darts". pssshhhss...