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Friday, May 11, 2012


This Saturday is the first annual "Penta-Date" ever or at least organized as this type of date.  The question is what is a "Penta-Date," and of course we have all been on a date, and most of us have been on a double date, but what do you call it when you have 5 couples on a organized date.  I like to call it "Penta-Date."  What is this Penta-Date, well it is myself and my wife (couple number 1), my friend Paul and his wife (couple number 2), Paul's oldest son Sean and his date (couple number 3), his other son Neil and his date (couple number 4), and finally my son Zaine and his date (couple number 5).

This whole thing started with Sean and his great leadership skills he shows in scouts but he is timid and scared of people.  I told him he needs to work up his self confidence by asking a girl out on a date and get used to the idea that someone telling him no is not the end of the world.  Then I had the idea of Paul and I taking our wives on a date because they have never really had the chance to get to know one another so a double date sounded fun.  Then it all just rolled into one with making all the boys get dates and we could just have a Penta-Date.  This is all the boys first dates so it will be interesting to see how they act with a lady and with their friends watching and with their parents around.  We are going to a steak place where they will have a live country and western band playing so of course I told the boys they had to dance with their dates and after all of that we plan on heading over to Chick-fil-A where another of the boys friends works at and we will all get ice cream then head home for the evening.  In the picture above you see me in the blue shirt and wearing my ball cap under my helmet like the dork I am.  The behind me to the right all the way to the back in the brown shirt with the helmet strap undone is Zaine my son, then in the green shirt to the far left is Neil.  Next to me is Aaron another gentleman but not part of the Penta-Date.  This whole thing is an experiment in observing our boys on their first date and getting the opportunity to help them out in a positive role model for them when looking for the right lady to eventually settle down with.  If the Penta-Date goes well we will add additional families to the party and we can all help our boys by setting up a safe fun environment for our boys to date in.

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