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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eye Spy with my little Eye

Do diabetics have too many doctors?  My answer is yes, today I had a doctors appointment at 11:15am and I was lucky and arrived at the appointment 15 minutes early when I checked in.  The lady behind the desk asked for my name and I gave it to her and she said that I was not on the list for an appointment today.  I pulled out my handy dandy smart phone and looked at the appointment and it was for my eye doctor not my endocrinologist.  At that time I rushed out and hauled insulin down the road to the eye doctors office.
To my surprise I was only 15 minutes late and of course that is on time for the eye doctor with having to dialate my eyes.  At this time I am starting to stress because this is not just an eye check up this is laser beam eye surgery to clear up one of my eyes that had cataract surgery.  There are a few things I don't like going to the doctor for, one is teeth, another is feet, and the last is eyes.  The eyes are just one of those things diabetics know they need to keep a close watch on but we never get good news from the eye doctor.  There usually is something like well they are OK but you need to keep you BG's better because I can see a little diabetes in the back and stuff.
Above is the laser beam projector he used to shoot into my eye.  The little black thing dangling on the right was a blinking red light I was supposed to focus my right eye on where he held this contact lens that is attached to this orb thing to keep me from blinking.  think of the movie "A Clockwork Orange" where he is forced to watch the movies but this did not hurt I just could not blink my eye.  Then in the black circle thing was the laser beam that from what I could tell was like four laser beams being projected like a shotgun.  Every time he hit the button the laser beam would shoot and I could feel it in the back of my head.  This must be exactly what a TV dinner feels like in the microwave.
Here is a shot of my eye dialated.  The nurse lady was like "Wow that cataract is crazy looking."  Then she goes off and gets her co-workers to look at it and they start forming lines to come by and see the weirdo diabetic eye.  Once they had their fill I had to bust out my phone to take a look at it to see myself.  So looking at my eye and in the middle black part you see the dash which is the light in the room then under neath that you see what looks like either a ghost or  someone smoking in my eye.  That is the cataract he was trying to shoot out with the laser beam.  They were telling me that cataracts usually don't have this fluid movement to them and of course that meant when the doctor shot them with the laser beam it just burst and he could not see where else to shoot.  That means I have to go back for more rounds of laser beam treatment until he can get it all out.  Maybe the ghost in my eye is why I am diabetic and if the doctor kills it the diabetes goes away.  Any body with me on this theory?

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