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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is it a Canoe, a Kayak, or a sailboat?

 A couple of years ago one of our scout leaders was at a storage facility picking up some boxes and came across the owner of the business.  The owner was cleaning out an abandoned unit when my friend Chris noticed some bags of boating parts.  He asked the owner of the facility what he was planning on doing with the leftovers and the owner says when they find camping equipment they donate it to a local boy scout troop.  At that time my friend Chris let the facility owner know he was a leader in the boy scouts and if he wanted to get rid of the boat supplies now and to a scout troop that this was the person to give it to.  So, for two years now we have had these bags of random boards and paddles not knowing what they were.  There were no actual solid boats just bag after bag of boating parts and we finally did some research and found out these are some sort of kayak that collapses down for your person that does not have the space to keep a full size kayak in their garage.  Kind of funny that they were found at a storage facility right?  You know what I mean they were made to save space but someone still did not have enough room and paid to store them.  OK, back to the story and last weekend we were having a kayaking and fishing campout so we thought what a perfect time to bring these boats out and try to see if everything was there and if we could get them on the water.
Putting these boats together was an absolute blast because we had no instructions and it was like a huge erector set.  We all took turns trying to figure out what each part was and where they went.  By the end of it all we found out they were these wild canoe, kayak, sail boat things for two people.  We looked online once we found out they were made by Klepper and we had the Aerius model with the optional upwind sails and foot peddle rudders.  You can see in the pictures how these are all wood with ribs to give shape and rigidity but what you don't see is the skin on them.  That is the one thing we forgot when loading these up, the skins were left behind.  Our hopes and dreams were so close but yet so far away.  We were so determined to get these in the water that we almost sent someone back to town (100 miles away) to get the skins so we could get these suckers on the water.  I don't know if the boys had more fun putting these together or if the adults had more fun.  It was like we were all playing with a giant lego erector set.  So for now we have to wait till we take these to another lake and make sure we bring everything but, till then we will all dream in our heads how cool we will be in a canoe, kayak, sail boat headed into the sunset on some sort of  crystal clear lake far away from city life.

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  1. “Kind of funny that they were found at a storage facility right?” – Well, I think you were quite lucky to get the parts! And you were right; you never know what other people are storing in their storages spaces. A boat or a kayak was an unlikely guess, but hey, I think it still qualifies as long as they meet the space requirement. How is it now? I do hope that you were able to finish the boats, so you can start your sea adventures. :-)

    Ericka Muldowney