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Monday, May 21, 2012

Testing your emergency plans

 Do you ever think about how your emergency plans will ever go?  Well if you are like me and have ever needed help with your diabetes with a low at any time you might think about practicing your emergency while you are OK.  What I am talking about is having those around you "pretend" you are in a state of disrepair and you need their help.  Recently I have been thinking about this the last time I was really low in the middle of the night and my wife decided to call our emergency services instead of just giving me my glucagon injection.  She said she did not feel comfortable injecting it into me.  I now have a rule that if I ever need glucagon that whoever the injector is they get to pick where to stick me (hopefully they pick an affective place).
 What I have come up with is having people around me use my diabetes equipment on me so they can feel comfortable if this was a situation and so that they understand how this stuff works.  I have been using my son to test my BG's while I drive and so he knows what my meter looks like, where I keep my meter, how to prick my fingers, and last how to milk a drop of blood out of said finger.  This has been a real eye opener for me because my son has been around me forever with my diabetes but to see how he knew nothing of how my equipment works amazed me.  He now can test my BG's in no time and I don't have to walk him through anything, he just knows where the equipment is located and also how to use it.  Next I am going to have him give me a bolus so he feels comfortable with my pump.  then I will have him give me a couple of shots instead of doing a bolus so he feels comfortable with needles.  The reason I started with my son is that we camp together all the time and having him knowledgeable first then work on the other adults around me to have a safe support system that can do more than use a phone and wait for help.  Once I get my campout emergency plan working and fluid I am going to move to my co-workers, but probably just to give me my glucagon injection.
 This past weekend we were out doing some kayaking and fishing at a state park in east Texas and we had a couple of real deal fishermen and my buddy Dustin above in the photo is showing off his latest bass killer.  this is some sort of Yumbrella five wire rig that brings your chances up from one lure on your line to five on your line.  He tells us it looks like a school of feeder fish for the bass but to us it looked like something from a late night "As seen on TV" ad.
Here is a photo I found of the Yumbrella 5 wire rig.  Dustin put it on his pole for us to see but there were no takers from the fish world.  Maybe next time.  He did have this lure that looked just like a fish and he was pulling all sorts of large mouth bass with that lure.  Maybe if he put five of them onto the Yumbrella he could catch 5 big bass at once?  We will never know.


  1. Very good suggestion to practice emergencies. Thanks for that.

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