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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One of my Hero's

 The other day I was getting the mail when I noticed a large envelope that was stiff and had lots of postage stamps on it.  I looked at who it was from and it said "Kudlow and Company" and my eyes went wide open with excitement.
 I opened the package and saw that my autographed picture of Larry Kudlow was inside.  Now you all know I am basically a level 9 dork and really get into odd stuff.  One of my favorite things to do is get autographed pictures of people that I am either a fan of or consider a hero of mine.  Now Larry Kudlow is a hero of mine with his wise insight and witty conversations he has with anybody from investors to politicians he makes anything and everything excited on his show "The Kudlow Report" on CNBC weekday nights at 6pm central time.
 What makes Larry so great is how he deals with anything that deals with money from businesses, investments, stock markets, to politics.  I consider Kudlow as a TV personality of the Forbes magazine and you all know how I love Forbes.  I think there is a personality and lifestyle that could be defined as the Forbes lifestyle, kind of like the quarterly magazine you get with a subscription to Forbes magazine.  Larry dresses amazing and follows the money with his patented "free market capitalists" lifestyle just like how Forbes magazine does it. 
 So what happens to my autographed pictures when I get them?  Of course I put them up in my work cubicle.  I usually keep them up for around a year then replace them with new ones.  Larry's picture is my first one to get this year in our new office so he goes up right next to my camping stickers.  Yes I do know my desk is a mess, I am still trying to find the right place for my stuff and until then it all gets sprawled out.
Here is a close up photo of the picture in my cubicle.  Now my cubicle is starting to feel like home. 

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