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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Out of the Wild the Alaska Experiment

 A month or so ago while out camping my buddy Paul and I were discussing NetFlix and I was talking about how I am about fed up with the eight bucks a month I am paying and they never add anything of quality to the offerings.  Then we get into the discussion of what we are currently watching and Paul tells me about this Discovery show called "Out of the Wild" and how it is this reality show on people having to make it in Alaska with little to nothing.  This show sounds interesting and Paul gets my attention how they have to use a map and compass while staying at these predetermined locations for only a few days not knowing how long this experiment will last or what the next location might hold.  They get random rations at each place but are constantly hungry, cold, and tired I now have to keep my NetFlix subscription and check this show out.
 The show is made of nine people that get a three day lesson on how to survive in Alaska and also basic items on survival and safety.  One thing I did forget to mention is they each get a location GPS finder thing that they keep on their belt and at any time if they feel they can go no longer all they have to do is turn it on and a helicopter comes and picks the individual up.  In the beginning they have two people that are somewhat outdoorsy people but the rest are basic city slickers with little to no camping or hunting experience.

The beginning the group is dropped off at a location and there are tarps with all sorts of equipment on them and the group makes the bad decision as to taking everything instead of analyzing and discussing what is needed and what is wanted.  So one guy is carrying a 25 pound cast iron dutch oven along with a giant wash bin and all sorts of unnecessary item.  What was real neat is how they had to make these ruck sack things out of tarps and rope with some foam strategically placed in the waist and shoulder areas.  I have never done this and would definitely like to try something like this.
I must say this eight episode show was extremely entertaining and they did a great job of filming the experience.  The group had real appeal as well with their likable personalities instead of the weirdos you see on Survivor and the likes.  While watching this you see them make some classic mistakes such as crossing streams in your hiking boots (been there, done that), trying to make snares (tried it and I will resort to eating boogers before I try to survive on my snare abilities), and then how they did not know how to use the magnesium fire starter.  Part of the drama is the first two to leave are the most experienced fisherman and a lady that camps and hunts.  I had certain pegged for lasting and others to go out in no time but it was amazing to see when the go or who goes.

In the end this 2009 Discovery show is great and I would recommend it to anyone not just for its survival appeal but for the quality of the program.  They also show how the team doesn't listen to everyone and how the group dynamic changes and when people explode they just have to get it out and everyone gets along in the end.  The next series they go to Venezuela and I can't wait to spend a few hours late at night watching it as well.  These always make me sad thinking how us diabetics would survive in these situations and how I would love to participate in something like this.  Maybe in my next life when I am re-incarnated as a Hypoglycemic.

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  1. I really enjoyed that series. The decisions they had to make were good ones (which to take - rifle or shotgun) and things like that.