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Thursday, May 17, 2012

why can't I drink the water?

I am pretty familiar with the "Non-Potable" water sign.  This one just has been bothering me for a longtime.  I had to get a picture of it and put it on my blog because of its location.  I think this one is probably the best of them all.  Now why does it usually have to deal with a coffee cup?  I guess that is just a universal image that reflects something you drink out of instead of, hey this thing does not dispense hot coffee.
Again with the coffee cup even on what apears to be a saucer.  Like you would go that far before you found out it was just filled with unsafe to drink water.  As if I am in someones house and they forget the coffee cup on a saucer on the coffee table is full of non-potable water so they lay this sign right next to it to let me know not to drink it.
This one is set for people at different levels.  It amuses me about how the notice is of course the largest print, then the non-potable water is second because only folks above the age of 30 know what non-potable means and it has to be a print size that is readable without glasses, then last is for the youngins saying not for cooking or drinking use.  The picture of the coffee cup under the faucet is much simpler and easier to understand.  I can't even read the fine print at the bottom.

This one you just pray kids see the yellow and black sign with its warning on it and just decide to drink their own urine or something before they drink the water.  I associate this sign with the pools of water that keep the nuclear rods cool at reactor plants.

Now back to my original non-potable water sign and where it was placed.  This sticker is above each urinal and toilet at the city of Wylie, Texas Recreation center.  I want to meet the person that said "hey we have alot of people that drink from toilets and urinals in this town and we don't want that on city property so lets make sure we let them know not to do that here."  Really, who is going to fill their coffee cup with toilet water?  I was thinking that maybe this has to be some sort of OSHA rules that like they have well water at the city buildings and it is not cleaned for the toilets or something .  I might have to call the city and see just what they were thinking.  Now, I am not sure if it is legal to take pictures in bathrooms and that is why I have let this go so long without putting it on my blog.  Finally I made the decision to take the pictures when the bathroom was empty and I was fully clothed so please do not turn me into the authorities if this is not legal.  Thanks!

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  1. Hahahaha! that's ridiculous!
    You have to wonder!