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Thursday, May 10, 2012

It will never happen if you don't plan it.

 Last weekend I told you all about an orienteering event my son and I participated in.  I found this event by scouring the inter-web for search words that I enjoy.  One of them was orienteering and I live in north Texas so I start with orienteering then add in north Texas and see what I get.  Then I found NTOA (North Texas Orienteering Association) and I mark their calendar on my Windows smart phone and also added the inter-web site as a favorite so I can visit the site regularly to keep track of what they have in the pipeline.
 When you have a free weekend like I did last weekend doing a little research and pre-planning can get you a cheap fun event.  What I do is search the inter-web for anything I like which includes, gun and knife shows, coin collecting, camping, outdoor events, festivals, 5k running events, and anything else.  With those searches I can see what is local and cheap.  Last weekends orienteering event cost my son and I a combined 10 bucks and it was close to the house and a ton of fun.  Local clubs have lots of small events that can introduce you to a new activity, usually at a low price and they love to have newbies come and learn.  So next time you have a free weekend get on your old desktop computer and look on that inter-web for local outdoor activities.  You never know what you will dig up or who you will run into.  You might even find an organization that wants you as much as you want to join.
I have an update on my front porch doves.  Sad news is the mother aborted her eggs so now I have to throw them in the trash before they start to rot.  This is good news as well because having baby birds eye level on my front porch did not seem like a safe thing nor did having the mother fly into my face every morning seem safe.  I hope she found a better home where she can raise her kids to be productive citizens in the dove community.  The mother was a beautiful bird not like those pigeons that are kind of ugly and poop everywhere.  The dove didn't make a mess at all.

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