Monday, July 8, 2013

Dew Rag.

 I asked my good friend Lew why he always wears a dew rag while riding.  Thinking it was for protection from the sun and maybe to keep his helmet from rubbing his head wrong or something.  His reply to me was that he wore it because it kept the sweat out of his face, eyes, and sun glasses.  Then he offered to let me try one on a future ride.
 Lew brought the dew rag for our ride last Sunday and I first had to get instructions on how to wear a dew rag and once it was on it did make my helmet feel different but nothing bad.  The ride was a solid no wind and the heat started in the 88 degree range and rose to something like 96 degrees.  He was completely right about the sweat issue, I never realized how much of my riding was distracted by sweat.  The dew rag worked like a charm and the only slight downside to it is that the dew rag reduces a small amount of air through your helmet but the reward of no sweat in my face, eyes, and sun glasses was worth it.
The picture above is of the inside of the dew rag Lew loaned me which has a headband to keep it in place and soft chamois material on the front to feel good on your forehead.  It is so funny when you never knew something was actually distracting you or slowing you down till you listen to others and find out that something small can make a big impact.  I am now going to search the inter-web and get myself a dew rag for my own.  Then I am going to start to work on my fear of clip pedals.  Lew gave me our friend Don's old clip pedals to try out but I have been too scared that I will fall over and everyone will laugh at me or I will need another shoulder surgery.  I just need to man up and do it.  They tell me it is more efficient, faster, and better so I will do it.

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