Monday, May 19, 2014

Allergy test

So I told you last week about my adventure in the Oklahoma City memorial marathon in April.  So with all good problems comes the testing to see if this will happen again and what did happen.  My doctor asked me to do a stress test on my heart which I have scheduled (Those heart people are harder to get an appointment with than an endocrinologist).  Then the doctor that performed my internal nose job asked me to come in and do an allergy test.  The photo above is where they poke you over and over with all sorts of needles filled with everything outside that could cause people issues.
The cool thing about the allergy testing is you know right then and there what you are and aren't allergic to.  Turns out I am allergic to diabetes, just kidding.  I am allergic to Bermuda grass, timothy grass, English plantain weeds, marsh elder weeds, mountain cedar trees, mesquite trees, kitty cats, mold, and dust mites.  Now with this information they can inject me with the truth serum that will help my immune system defend myself from these evil things.  The cool thing is the nurse lady told me about putting those wet the bed cover things onto your mattresses and pillows to get rid of the dust bunnies.  who would have know that I can cure my bed wetting issues and allergies with the same mattress trash bag? 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Making the call

I get this "Texas runner and triathlete" magazine because it lists all sorts of cool events that aren't easy to find.  Then the other reason I love getting this magazine is it has absolutely hands down the best running and triathleting articles ever.  I used to get runners world and other runners magazines but the articles sucked.  This sucker absolutely rocks.  Back in February or so they had one article that I read but completely disagreed with.  This guy talked about a run he was going to do but it was raining that day and all sorts of bad mojo was in the air.  He did the event but declared after that near death experience that if he didn't feel right or the weather was not playing nice that he would just skip the race.  I thought that to be the dumbest thing to ever do.  Why would anyone sign up, pay, and not do a race because they knew it was going to be hell?
So back in April was the Oklahoma city memorial bombing marathon.  I had ran the inaugural event and I thought it would be fun to do it again this year.  I paid my money back in January and did my half-ass training (I really need to follow a program and not just randomly train) for the event.  Then April gets here and it is the worst allergy season ever on the planet.  Then the weekend of the race is nigh upon us and there is a slight 30mph wind, rain, and all the allergies you could possibly ever stick up any ones nose.  My plan was to survive long enough to cross the finish line.  Then as the miles went by and by, slower and slower, I then hit mile 14 and the wind off the lake was crazy bad and I then started to get light headed, blurred vision, and my legs were wobbling more than grandma's jello mold (sugar free of course because I am diabetic).  I then went to the last backup plan I had which was walk and take it easy but by mile 15 it went downhill and the people passing me all kept asking if I was OK and at that time I knew to find the mile 16 medic tent and call it a day. 
I guess life is a full circle and I just kept thinking about that article and now I knew what the writer was talking about.  This was already going to be the worst run ever and throw in a two hour rain and lightning delay and having to time the start and my BG's along with my headphones dying and I lost the 5hour pace setter so I didn't have to think about time and I should have just bailed on this run and never even thought about doing it.  So I went from thinking an article was dumb to now thinking it is right on the money.