Thursday, June 4, 2015

screws and pins!

The world of diabetes is always out to get us.  No matter what we do we are at risk of not doing something or the risk of actually doing something and it all affects our diabetes.  Last sunday my buddy Jeff was riding along with myself and a gaggle of other people in a "Tour de Cure" tune up ride when I first blew a tire hitting the largest street sink hole on the planet.  So about eight of us fell into a second group that stayed together.  When we ride we don't leave any riders behind, that should be the motto of all diabetics as well in every aspect of our lives.  Anyways, back to the story at hand.  We were coming up to the second rest stop at about mile 20 when my friend Robin and I stayed at a stop sign to show the rest of our group where to turn.  Then we started towards the friendly gas station when we see up the hill Jeff start to turn then instantly go down.  I raced to see how my favorite diabetic buddy was and he was discombobulated, a bit shocked, sore, stiff, and out of it.  We knew instantly that it was time to call in for a car.  Jeff and another rider leave and he decides that the pain is just enough to visit the emergency room to get a professional opinion.  In the end he wound up doing some quality hip damage and in the picture above you can see one of the pins they put into his hip.

Jeff is now out of riding for something like six weeks, and not able to run for like ten weeks.  He is in good spirits and we joke about how the worst place on the planet for a diabetic to ever be is a hospital because we always get dumb questions like: do you take anything else for your diabetes besides insulin? Like insulin isn't enough to take for diabetes.  What I always take out of times like this, besides all the quality grandpa hip replacement jokes we get to make fun of Jeff with, is that we must always live our life to the fullest.  We can't sit around and be scared of diabetes and stuff.  We have to understand that anything can happen to us at any moment and doing nothing would mean not living life to the fullest.