Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I hope the doesn't find out that Jeff takes all this great gold from their website, send it to me and I publish it on my blog.  This is probably one of the best descriptions of the TSA security at airports for diabetes.  Personally I have really found out that since diabetes is so widespread and with all the new security measures the agents actually are quite familiar with the disease when going through the nuclear scanner things.

Probably the best thing anyone ever showed me to do at the airport is to bring a canteen/reusable water bottle thing.  The reason is the bottle is safe on both sides of the security line, just the fluid you keep in it isn't.  So you drink your water, vodka, insulin martini all the way through the line to where the cancer scanners are and dump out the fluid in the trash cans that are full of pistols and knives.  Then when you clear security there is always a water fountain on the safe side and you just fill your bottle up with water this time and you just saved yourself like ten bucks because you don't have to buy a bottled water.  Also you can bring the canteen/reusable water bottle onto the plane saving you another ten bucks because you don't have to buy water on the plane either.  This is a win/win/win situation.

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