Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Under the Dome update!

How do I do this?  A show comes on TV that I have no desire to watch then find myself every week watching it and getting all wrapped up in it.  This Under the Dome show recently got me hook, line, and sinker because they have introduced that thee are 23 type 1 diabetics in this town and they just recently ran out of insulin.  First, how are there 23 type 1 diabetics in a single small town?  That is impossible.  Second, how did they run out of insulin?  We are all hoarders and there should be a show called diabetes hoarders.  Last, I haven't seen a single meter being pulled out and someone testing their BG's.  So now I have to see what happens in next weeks show to see how they get more insulin or if all the diabetics just die.  Who knows but what a show to put as one of its many plots, something so close to me as how to survive a duration of time with limited insulin.


  1. I don't think she said 23 T1, she said diabetics, not qualifying what type. Most T2's end up on insulin within 5 years of diagnosis, according to the endo's in the USA. Still, seems like a very high number to me too.

  2. What im so confused on is when the character Alice has symptoms of low blood sugar, why the hell do they all panic that she needs insulin?? Taking insulin during a low could end in a diabetic coma and you die. I dont get it, did they not research this shit before airing the show?
    Im type 2 found out in dec during my pregnancy, not gestational but pre exsisting without knowing and i still have it and have to be on insulin.
    So when I have a low i take dex4 fast acting glucose tablets. NOT insulin! I dont understand how the show has this all wrong.