Monday, July 22, 2013

Cheap does not get clean!

 You all know I am cheap, and you also know I can admit when I am doing something wrong.  With the summer upon us and living in Dallas mixed in with how much I like to spend time outdoors there is alot of bathing for me.  Then I am also a heavy sweater, not the kind you wear but I sweat like there is no tomorrow,  I refer to myself as very inefficient with my energy use.
 The cheap part comes in with me buying the 97 cent Suave body wash at the local discount store.  This stuff works and I don't smell or anything but what it doesn't do is get all the deep down grime off of me that causes skin irritations and the dreaded body pimples.  For a normal person who does zero or less sweating in a day this Suave stuff is perfect but for the active lifestyle diabetic that I am this stuff does not cut it.  Mix in my infusion site and it gets infected, and I get breakouts on any part of my body that sweat does not dry off of me easily like where my helmet hits my head or waist band and I am just a mess.
So the thing to do for active you, and myself is to not buy cheap soap or body wash but to get a quality product so that you don't have these issues like I do.  I bought some Old Spice Swagger and now I smell like petunias and don't have issues with infusion site irritations, or skin problems during these 100 degree days of workouts and outdoor activities.  So let this be a lesson to you all that if you act like me (cheap and sweaty) then you have to get the right product for your lifestyle.


  1. Good tip to know. Although I tend to stick inside by the a/c as much as I can. ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing -And I will never look at Suave the same way again!

  3. Good to know. Thanks for the tips!