Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is that what I think it is?

 We all do what we can do to get buy.  Those of us that have been blessed with the joy of diabetes know this all too well.  I remember the diabetes seminars as a youth with the corporate sponsor booths with all the "E.D." stuff (this was before little blue pills).  How embarrassed I was to see a lady with a needle holding a fake set of mans junk to show that even when you get old there are ways around what diabetes does to your body.  As you can tell I am still traumatized from those days of walking down the diabetes event midways.  Then this week I just about stood out of my desk chair and screamed.  I was at work getting ready to turn some reports into my boss when I noticed on one of the many sheets of paper a nice blood stain on it.  Now if I handed this sheet of paper to another diabetic, they would be like, hey looks like you test your blood often and please next time lick your finger when you are done like the rest of us good diabetics so you don't leave a diabetes slug trail on everything.  Then in the non-diabetes world this is gross.  Just another day with the most fun disease ever.  I made a copy of the paper and turned my reports in on time.
With my blood soaked work reports fresh on my mind it reminded me of the diabetes tabloid thing Jeff had sent me.  He likes to see what is new and funny at and alot of it is some really good stuff.  Why is it that no matter where we go there is like a trail of test strips.  I was mowing the lawn last week and saw one in my front yard.  I never test outside in my lawn.  It is like they have a mind of their own.  I don't think a diabetic would ever make a good serial killer, because they would get caught after the first try, or probably would be in the middle of the first attempt and go low and have to get the "would be victim" to call 911 for them.

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  1. I have wondered if our speckled fingertips would make us easier or harder to catch? Are our fingerprints still recognizable if they are riddled with ever-changing poke marks?