Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A thrifty Pickle

 I love these pickle pops things.  You can drink the straight, freeze them to make a pop sickle, and use them for cramps.  Pickle brine is non-science proven the best thing for cramps while working out.  I looked on the inter-web and read that pickle juice is good before, during, and after workouts of long exertion.  The only thing is these branded pickle pops cost like three bucks for ten of these suckers, and it is only the brine not a single pickle in them.
 So at the house what I do is eat a pickle ever now and then when the outdoors looks to be humid and I have a hard long activity planned like running, cycling, lawn work.  Then on one of our rides one of the ladies mentioned how she just puts a pickle in a zip lock bag and brings it along.  She then pulled it out and started to eat on it.  I thought this was an ingenious idea because lets face it gels, glucose tablets, and gummy chews get real boring after a long ride and having a pickle would be a great change and cheaper than the pickle pops.  Now I plan on switching from pickle pops on rides to just a pickle in a zip lock baggie.
That got me thinking even more about how I can save more with what I have.  I bought a Tupperware thing to make freezer pops at the house but haven't figured out anything to make with them.  I didn't want a bunch of sugar or expensive juice pops, so they have been sitting on my counter as I comptemplate what kind of healthy pop sickles I could make.  Then it hit me with the giant jar of pickle juice I had in the fridge.  I should just make pop sickles with the brine.  So I made a batch and they were awesome.  That got me thinking even more (this is scary how much thinking I have been doing isn't it?)  that I should make like a southwest style pickle pop sickle where I put a little bit of jalapeno juice in with the pickle brine to give them some kick.  The wonders of using your mind!

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