Monday, July 15, 2013


 So I must admit, I watch TV.  There are times when I ask people if they watch a certain TV show the usual answer is "I don't watch TV" but then later down the road these people always seem to know what is on TV for not watching it. For some reason when people give me that response it simply irritates me.  I think maybe because they use it like saying they are better than I am for even owning a TV.  Why can't they just say they don't watch much TV?   Any way to my point, I have picked up watching this reality game show thing called "whodunnit?"  Which seemed quite nonsense to me at first but I was pulled in like a fly attracted to a bright light.  This show now is one if my favorites to watch.  They really put alot into making it very real and extremely entertaining.  If you have not seen it yet I highly recommend you start watching it or finding the beginning episodes and catching up.
Last night while watching the show, which each episode a person on the team playing the game dies.  Then the rest must figure out how they died and the last person standing (besides the killer which is on the team as well) gets like 250,000 dollars.  The person who died was in the kitchen where a puma like creature was on the kitchen island when the rest of the group found him.  In the end (spoiler alert) the mountain lion/puma didn't do it. 

This reminded me of last summer doing my Wilderness first aid training where our instructor taught us that medicine and medical help is not an equation like A+B=C but more of guidelines and what you have to do is asses the situation properly before jumping head first into the scene.  Have you ever heard of the swimmer that was drowning and the next guy jumps in to save him and dies, then the next guy jumps in and dies until someone finally figures out that jumping is might be the issue.  Whenever you come onto a person with medical issues do not rush over right away and help.  Take a minute to assess the situation and determine if it is safe.  Think of people in carbon monoxide,  you see people in a room passed out and you run in to help only to be knocked out by the same gas that did it to the others. 

This episode had a neat twist that killed the game participant which was when he turned on the gas to cook his steak it actually spewed poison gas at him which killed him.  Then when he stepped on a mat to cook the steak it opened up a secret hatch that let the cougar/mountain lion/puma into the room which later inspection of the animal revealed the steak in its mouth.  The inspection of the kitchen revealed too little blood for the animal to kill the victim.  One of the players in the game is a nurse which she is close to being killed all the time because she is not solving these mysteries but last night with her medical training she figured out everything by using her assessment of the entire scene and all the clues.  When diabetics sometimes go low we need people to assess what is wrong with us as to not have the cops called when I walk out of a department store with merchandise I had not paid for, only to sit on the curb outside.  Once the police showed up the realized that I was not the worst shop lifter on the planet but in need of medical help and they brought out an ambulance to give me that D-50 stuff.  Life is all about seeing things we can't see and assessing all details no matter how big or small they are.

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