Friday, June 28, 2013

Which one would you?

 The question was posed in one of my group emails from weather you would like the ability to fly or breathe under water?  I had to think long and hard about this question and never replied to the group.  Then yesterday when I got home there was this bird in my front yard and I thought it was dead till I tried to move it with my foot and it got real defensive at that time.  At first I thought this was an old bird just dying of age but then I realized this was a babyish bird learning to fly and seemed to have issues with its feet (Now I am no expert at birds so do not take my word on if this is an old or young bird).  I thought at first do I put it out of its misery?  The ants were starting to get on the bird and if I did it in now I could remove it from my yard before I have a dead bird covered in ants.  The other option was to help the bird by getting a shoe box and making a nest for it and chewing up some worms and spitting them into its mouth and healing it back to good and let it go into the wild to poop on my truck and attack my dogs. 

In the end I chose option three which was do nothing and let the bird learn to fly on its own or maybe its parents were around and could help it out but I was not going to interfere with nature.  I did plan to check to see if the bird was still there in the morning but my ADD kicked in this morning and I forgot to check on it.

Back to the question at hand, would you want to fly or breathe under water.  I had a car accident in 2001 where I broke all the bones in the back of my head and when I go swimming now if I go further down than 20 feet my noggin feels like a cracked egg so I don't really care to breathe under water because I don't like staying underwater that long in the first place.  So that leaves flying and I look at the sky and it is completely empty most of the time.  There are the random birds and planes in the sky but overall if you could fly there is little in your way from stopping you from going where ever you want.  Then I look at birds and how they act, I saw a mockingbird attacking a grackle while on my way to work one day.  The grackle didn't have a french fry in its mouth or anything, the mocking bird just wanted to pick on the grackle.  Then my dogs when they are in the backyard get attacked by mocking birds and blue jays all the time.  So if the sky is so empty and wonderful why are birds so angry?  That made me think that flying probably is not as exciting as it seems to be, because if it was birds would leave us alone and they don't.

So I think in this choice of either flying or breathing under water I would choose to be a unicorn.  If I were a unicorn then I could help Charlie out from his two evil friends and stop them from getting his kidney.  That is my final choice.

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