Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Loss of life


I got into work Monday morning and everything seemed like a normal day.  Then around 11:00am an email went out about one of our co-workers.  He was out mountain biking with his oldest daughter and her friend when his daughter had an accident that caused her to die of internal injuries.  This saddened me so much because I had seen this story the night before on the local news and just thought of how random of an accident to have killed the girl.  Then to find out it is a friends daughter and to know just how much cycling and being outdoors meant to him and his family.

We are always told to never take life for granted and to live everyday like your last.  Then we go on year after year and that "live each day to its fullest" and to "always appreciate those around you" get watered down over time.  There is no way for me to make any of this better for the family but to support them in any way I can and to remember the few times I got to meet Kaylee.  The last time I saw her was about three weeks ago when my co-workers wife brought the family to the office with their youngest son (he is just a few months old) and when I saw the girls I was asking them if they got to change diapers or baby sit.  Now that is the last time I will have with her and I have to thank God that he gave me that he at least gave me that much.


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