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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When not to trust your water purifier

 These so called "water filters" are all the rage now with all these people who complain that tap water is bad for your health and bottle water is bad for you and the world.  What has come out of all this water is the evil of the world because it tastes bad and ruins the environment are these fake water filters.  You see in my had what says is a water bottle but you can do about the same filtering that this bottle does with a dirty gym sock in a coffee cup.  These are not to be used as any sort of purification systems and all they do is remove simple contaminants like rocks and dirt.  If the bottle costs less than 25 bucks or so it is a single filter system that makes water taste different than it normally does out of the tap.
 Here is another system of the same thing as the water filter bottle.  This is a water filter straw that is supposed to remove bad tastes and just like I said above about the bottle the straw does the same thing by just removing dirt, rocks, and alters the taste of your home tap water so that you think it is as good as that Fuji water in the square bottle.  Now don't get me wrong, these systems do remove contaminants from the water, they just really do over sell what they are doing to the water and in the end using any one of these devices will help your water it just is not the be all, end all water filters.  These are city slicker non-diabetic things to make you feel good about how you have a filter to make your tap water taste better like if you were camping.
 When it comes to cleaning water one thing you always know is that iodine is the best.  Even the pro water filters say to iodine your water for the best results.  The thing about iodine is that it leaves a funny taste to the water and now science has created another pill that supposedly removes the flavor of the iodine.  I usually just throw the taste pills in the trash and go with the bottle that matters.
I was talking to my friend Paul and we had a discussion on which is better iodine, chlorine, or even bleach.  Paul brought up how it is hard to carry bleach but it works pretty good (I am not certain on his science street cred).  Then chlorine dioxide is another type of water purifier that is readily available I just have never really used them.  I guess because the few times I have used them they just seemed like wizardry and stuff because I just have to trust the water is clean because when you use iodine the water is all orange and you know it is clean.  In the end read my blog and send me questions, comments, or concerns if you come across questions about cleaning water at:  and make sure you have the right water filter for your situation because who in the world wants watery farting diarrhea for a month?


  1. The above water filters are alright for cleaning and clearing the water, but they do not purify the water. The best solution to get sake drinking water is a reverse osmosis water filter. These systems will remove up to 99.99% of all impurities in your water, leaving you with the satisfaction of knowing you are getting the most out of your water without all the toxins.

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