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Friday, August 24, 2012

The end of summer

 Things get crazy and the summer winds down.  Earlier this week I asked my son if he wanted to camp the weekend of Sept 8 and 9th or if he wanted to try this archery tournament they are having near us.  From the picture above you know he chose the competition and actually did a cool thing and looked in on the inter-web and printed off these targets, taped them to boxes and well you can see that the black cat only had one head shot and three misses.  He needs to work on it.  Then later that night he asked me if I would be mad if he shot a rabbit?  My first thought was that he had already shot a rabbit and this was his light way of putting it on me but, he let me know that he had not shot one yet but wanted to know if he did, would he be in trouble.  I told him as long as he did it safe and it was in our backyard (8 foot tall fences) and he cleaned up afterwards I was OK with it.  Rabbits are a nuisance in our neck of the woods.
I wanted to show you all what they put out before they do the DDT fogging in our neighborhoods.  Now I am not sure what the fuss is about killing mosquito's but from my last check it was like 25 west Nile deaths and 0 fogging deaths.  Pretty sure that means this stuff is safe and for me and my diabetes I am sure it puts me in the high risk, so spray away and fly those planes that drop the nuclear mosquito fog stuff.  Heck if they had a DDT pill I would take it just to make sure I only have the one disease that will kill me.  Who would ever want diabetes and west nile?

We are in a commercial Renaissance period for sure.  The invention of the Tivo thing and DVR stuff has put an enormous amount of pressure on marketing firms to produce commercials that people (OK so maybe just me) want to see and maybe rewind 20 to 40 times (OK maybe just me again) so that I can memorize the words or find out the song in the commercial so I can get it on Zune.  The commercial above is one that I know is disturbing but I love it so much.  Not that it is an over weight dude in a speedo on the beach but his attitude.  This is just like what a good diabetic is on the inside, strong, confident, and alot of weird from the lack of insulin or maybe sugar in their diet.  When this commercial comes on I watch it probably a minimum of 5 times and the song is cool but I can't figure out what it is so I can download it on my phone.  When I grow up and have a sweet pot belly, I am so going to get some sweet shades, fine Italian leather shoes, and a speedo and do my thing down the beach like this dude.  He rocks!

In the end the summer is winding down because I am more excited about commercials than TV shows and my son is a little bit too free for his britches and needs some school structure to keep him out of juvenile detention or something.  That new commercial for Honey Nut Cherios is quite funny as well when the bee sees all the dead bugs on display behind the lady.  If you know the song from the southern comfort commercial above please send it my way so I can maybe be just a little cooler!

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  1. It's Side One by DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist!

    No..I'm not uber-up-to-date in the music department, but I have the Shazam app! ; ) It just listens and tells me the name of the cool! : )
    And our problem? Armadillos!