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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What a Dork

 Today I got a little bit busy at work and wanted to just post a bad picture of me in my official dork gear.  Check out the helmet first of all, it is the size of a watermelon.  For some reason I am too cheap to buy anything above the walmart level so it is like 8 inches of foam on my head.  Then my cheap faux dri-fit shirt that was another walmart buy.  Someday when I am a bit faster than a 15 mile per hour average I might invest in some quality get ups but until then I will dress to not impress.  Oh yeah those are fishing sunglasses with built in readers at the bottom of them.  Classic!
I forgot to show pictures of my bike now that I have replaced most of the acetone destruction.  The rims are from a buddy at work and now only have a few scratches from last weekends wreck and you can see my FRS juice in the water bottle and I switched seats with my son because it was one of those fancy "ittalia" seats where it feels like an axe cutting you in half.  I have got to develop some but calasys.  She is not going to win any speed records but she gets me from point A to point B on the road.

Above is the latest Red Stripe beer commercial that I love.  Now what diabetic has not been so low they had a five course meal from a vending machine?  I used to work at Hertz data center in OKC on the night shift in my early college years and would get a little low and do the vending machine dinner.  Great stuff, I was wondering how to do something like this for Halloween?  I asked my buddies to be my backup band in the commercials but they all said no.  I am thinking maybe dressing up like the lead singer, getting a microphone and having Kinko's make three card board things of the backup band and doing that.  Who knows but I love these guys.

1 comment:

  1. Not a dork.
    You've got a helmet, a nice looking FUJI bike and what looks to me like riding glasses.
    ROCK ON and don't stop pedalling.
    Really, I'm just glad you wear a helmet. :)