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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

 Recently I went to the movies with my family.  My wife calls me a movie bully because I always bully the two of them to see the movie I want to see.  Now that is of course half true, I usually want the movie to be at least kind of enjoyed by all parties.  This time though I was not going to stand down and I was set on seeing the movie "Moonrise Kingdom."  The movie is set in 1965 where a twelve year old boy and girl fall in love and run away.  This seems like your usual simple plot but what is not usual or simple about this movie is the way Wes Anderson puts his touches on it and makes you feel almost in the movie.
 This movie was real easy for me to enjoy first with its focus on what they call in the movie as "Khaki Scouts" which are exactly like normal scouts just with a touch of differences.  The color and feel of the island makes this all seem like an adventure land and mix that with the way it was filmed and we can all put ourselves in one of these "Khaki" scouts personalities or at least somebodies personality on the island.
 The movies by Wes Anderson are very quirky with this sense of humor that makes me laugh like a hyena with how it is presented on film.  Anderson has made other movies that fall in my top ten such as Rushmore, The Royal Tennonboms, and one of his first films Bottle Rocket.  If you have seen any of these films or any of Anderson's other films, this one fits right in line with the same humor and quirkiness. 
Once the movie was over and I had a smile from ear to ear my son lets me know that he thought of it as the dumbest movie he has seen (I think he was over-exaggerating a little) and my wife said it would have been a good rental.  Then I personally loved the movie and can't wait to see it at home on rental.  The movies develops the characters nicely, and even though the movie moves slow at times it works to help set everything up.  My wife and son let me know that they would have rather seen The Avengers or The new Spider man movie.  Those movies for some reason do not give me that want to go out and see them in the big house and I think the reason is because I personally am getting burned out on these high graphics, low plot movies.  Moonrise Kingdom in my humble opinion is the great summer movie because it wasn't digitally enhanced or with action all the time, but rather it was like a book (if I can remember how books go it has been so long) to where you can put yourself in the movie and become part of it.  Of course down the road I will see all the action movies and I am not trying to say that action/adventure/high graphic movies do not appeal to me because those Resident Evil movies are killer awesome and I can't wait to see the new one.  Until then I give Moonrise Kingdom 5 syringes out of 5 syringes for its great diabetes appeal with a feel good ending.  Can't we all just have one simple movie this summer that is not full of computer graphics, violence, really bad people, diseases, issues, and all other sorts of stuff.  So all you diabetics go out and see Moonrise Kingdom and escape your insulin fears for 93 minutes.

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  1. Well, you've sold me on seeing this movie. I'm always looking for feel good movies. And I loved the Royal Tannenbaums. Life has enough drama; if I want to see murder, violence and injustice I can just turn on the news and watch it for free.