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Friday, August 10, 2012

Mosquito problems.

 The Dallas area and probably areas around you are fighting the dreaded mosquito this year with everything they have.  The problem with our modern day mosquito is that they can give you the West Nile virus which is potentially deadly.  Now I am not one who has really given two thoughts about the dangers of west Nile or getting anything bad from a mosquito bite except the mild skin irritant.  With the mild winter we just had and the current summer heat, the mosquito is out in full force west nile'ing everyone who sits on the porch of any fancy urban taco dive in town.
So what does our local and state governments do to stop this pandemic from killing off mass amounts of their tax payers?  The send out the fogger trucks to spray citronella smoke in our neighborhoods to fight back, but is this all we can or should be doing in this issue?  I was listening to the radio recently and I forgot who was on or what the station was to give them credit but, they brought up a good point about the DDT ban.  Now, I know almost nothing about science, chemistry, or unicorns but they mention how our current mosquito and its west Nile blood sucking straw could easily be taken care of with the use of DDT which was banned in 1972 because it was thought to cause cancer.  So with this information I did a little research and found out that yes, DDT was banned because of the book  Silent Spring, published in 1962 by author Rachel Carson.  The little research I have done does not include me reading this book and please refer to some of my older posts where I go into talking about the books I read called: magazines.  The talking voices on the radio brought up the lives that DDT use could be saving in African countries where malaria kills large amounts of people which is another disease the blood suckers carry.  Once I hear all of this it now gets me interested to put the two together that instead of DDT we used to use, now we pump twice as much "other stuff" to try and kill these bugs that the old stuff did much better and has not been confirmed but has been linked to bald eagle eggs having thin shells and cancer.

This whole thing might be boring to you but to think about that whole butterfly flapping its wings in Kansas might cause a tornado in Texas subject comes to my mind.  I wonder how people who die from malaria or west Nile might have felt if their lives could have been easily saved if we used a chemical that might hurt them or might not but they would have not died from malaria or west Nile.  This could be me just getting caught up in one of those UFO/ government conspiracy theories but I do think about individual rights and how mas bans on something could be a restriction on those that could be saved.  Could "us" diabetics have a better life if we had more choices on products that have not gone through the slow moving government control of new insulin pumps, virtual pancreases, blood glucose monitors, and insulin therapies.  Maybe even these options could cost less and be more readily available to more type 1 diabetics if the companies did not have to spend so much on half of their redundant testing.  These are just questions the west Nile argument brought to my mind.

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