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Monday, August 27, 2012

First was the bad, now the good.

 Last week I showed you what not to get from FRS.  Today I thought I would share some of their good stuff.  Above is a picture of their energy/sporty/electrolyte thing that is real close to tasting like Tang without the thickness or sugar.  You get these in their free sampler with paid shipping and I have had several of these types of energy water add in types of things just never new when or where to use them.
 Earlier this month I was participating in one of our local diabetes exercise days and we did a nice 25 mile bike ride and ran into a gentleman that had a funky blue-whackadoo drink in his water bottle and I asked him why he had blue-whackadoo in his water bottle.  He then showed me he wears a water bladder on his back full of water and to supplement on his long rides he would drink the blue-whackadoo (OK it was Gatorade) drink along the ride when he needed energy or sugars.  This got me thinking and so I decided to put the FRS tang stuff in my water bottle for our ride last Saturday and wore my water bladder and give this system a test drive.
 What I found out is that this system was pretty darn good.  While biking my BG's can go sky high or crash, and even stay normal it just depends on my inner diabetes child on which way they are going to go.  With this new system I can drink a bit and give me some get up and go mojo and when I get to a light, then supplement with a nice gu or energy bar.  My recent riding has really learn that I need to keep some sort of electrolyte stuff going in me during rides to keep from cramping up in my neck.
Another thing I learned this late season about diabetes and biking is that even though gels and gu's come in a neat package, once they are opened the never stop leaking sticky fluid out of them.  Now I always bring them in a zip lock bag so to keep myself free from wild bears and bees.  Just a little hint from your favorite diabetic camper.

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