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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Light my Woot.

 Earlier this week I told you about the new fad on the inter-web where companies post daily discounts on electronics, household items, and sports and outdoors stuff.  I purchased last week two 50 degree sleeping bags for the right price of 20 bucks plus 5 dollars for shipping.  This purchase was off of where they have a thing where once you buy something, everything else you buy is free shipping.  So this enticed me to look for maybe another deal to have shipped for free.  What I came across was a flashlight they had on their closeout woot thingie. 
 This flashlight was called the Rogue 2 made by Icon, so I did a little research to see if this was of any quality flashlight because they were promising 130 lumins (the standard in measuring the brightness of a flashlight) and it ran off of two AA batteries.  With my research I found out that the brand Icon was like some sort of division of Streamlights which make some kick butt flashlights at a kick butt expensive price.  This Rogue 2 flashlight was being offered at the crazy low price of 12 bucks, so I did a little more research on what the other discount retailers were charging for this model of flashlight and to my surprise it was around the 24 dollars on the low end and near 40 on the high end so that made my decision even easier and I clicked the buy now button and payed my 12 bucks for another freaking flashlight.
 Why am I so obsessed with flashlights I don't know but I just like to know I have something for the dark.  Fall is around the corner and my running will be at night so maybe that is one reason and with that I usually sweat toxic diabetes waste and a typical flashlight makes it only one year before the electronics go out.  Then I am always also on the quest for the brightest cheapest CREE bulbed flash light I can find (I am a huge fan of the CREE brand of bulbs).
From these pictures you can see that this Icon brand must be some sort of urban fashion or something with their wicked cool aluminum that has like a halo of metal around the actual metal that protects the batteries.  The metal also is of a nice heavy gauge and feels sturdy and the the top is threaded nicely.  This definitely was a great buy and should give me about a years worth of fun, or until I can get more lumins for less.

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