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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bottle Water Isle

 So I was shopping at a name brand store last night picking up a few items I needed to stock up on for the week.  Lunch items were on the list, dog food, and all sorts of items and one of the items my wife likes to have around the house is a 24 pack of bottled water.  We all have seen how the water section at the store used to be just a small section at the end of the Gatorade's and powerades.  Now it seams that water gets its own isle at the store with all the varieties of what aisles you.  About thirteen years ago I was coming back from a canoeing trip in the Minnesota/Canada boundary waters, and my co-driver was a manager of a bottled water plant.  We had a discussion on how they found out that tap water was healthier than bottled water, because bottled water had no additives and tap water has fluoride and all sorts of other agents to keep it safe to drink that also have health benefits.  Then he let me know that the future of water was to add supplements to water to give you the fluoride you need, or B vitamins, or any supplement that can benefit you, he can put in his water and sell it to people.  This was amazing to me and last night I realized how right my friend was thirteen years ago.  The one that gets me now though is coconut water.  What does coconut water do for you?  Now I was buying milk last night and they also had coconut milk?  Now I am really confused, is a coconut filled with water or milk?
 Then last night I came across what I would call the most confusing water on the planet.  This is alternative energy water?  Is there a windmill or a solar panel on the side to store energy?  How is this alternative energy, maybe you pour the water over a turbine that spins and makes electricity?
Once I was completely confused about alternative energy water just below it there was urban detox water.  Now I have seen my fare share of detox supplements at the local GNC store but, what is an urban detox?  The only thing that comes to mind is from the move "The Program" where the guy on steroids gets his pee sucked out of him and someone Else's pee put in him.  So I have to assume that urban detox is a bottle of clean pee?  Maybe not but to see the water isle and how each year we put a drop of another supplement in a bottle of common tap water and sell it as some form of health potion just amazes me.  Now don't get me wrong I have tried a few of these waters and most taste funny or cost too much but when I come across one that tickles my fancy I will try it out.  Just don't plan on me trying the urban detox clean pee water stuff any time soon.  Also if you can help me out with this coconut filled with water or milk issue please leave a comment and educate this diabetic.

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