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Friday, August 31, 2012

How far can you go before you pee your pants?

 I don't know why I do these stupid games.  Maybe it is the diabetes in me thinking my life is one big game trying to stay alive but my recent game to play is how far can I get to zero and still make it to a gas station.  The above picture is my best so far, well I mean before I pee my pants and I probably could have easily gone a solid 4 more miles before I was walking the rest of the way to get gas.
 This one is 18 miles and to play the game I have to get into a routine because I missed an 8 and an 11 because I arrived at the station both times and got into my gas getting routine of turning everything off and getting the gas which in turns resets the miles to "E" and I lose my points or something (I only play this game with myself so keeping score means little just the pictures give me happiness).  The reason I created this game is because how far can I trust this government regulated electronic device that has an algorithm of speed/stops/air conditioner and other stuff to figure out what is left in my tank.  I want the truth as to how far I can go.
 Sometimes I open my fridge and just either feel like a grumpy old man or behind the times.  Last night I open the veggie drawer (which I seldom do) and noticed these apple slices.  These are not apples that were bought at the store and then sliced at home they are presliced and seeded apples.  The only thing I can think of is that my son refuses to eat an apple if it is not cut (he owns several weapons of apple destruction) but my wife must have bought these for him to get him to eat more fruits.
How lazy have we become that we can't even slice and seed our own fruit (grumpy old man saying this part), and why did I not make a fortune by doing this myself (entrepreneur saying this part)?  Someone is a millionaire for inventing apple slices and they probably don't even have a third grade education.  It was something like, man I sure do hate having to slice apples to eat, why don't I create a company that can do it and I can sell them in the store next to the raw/uncut apples.  Now he drives a fancy car and stuff.  In the end I did eat about half the bag and thought they were pretty tasty.

Here is your chance to be just like the Diabetic Camper or as close as possible. has their flashlights on sale again and from this morning till now they sold out of the Rogue 2 model which is the one I have shown on my blog several times but they still have the Rogue 1 which is like half the size and half the light but probably still kick butt quality, design, and at 10 bucks get like two or three and keep them all over the house and 5 dollar shipping for everything you get that is a real deal.


  1. man, you crack me up.
    the apple slice thing is ridiculous. first of all, I always question why do apples need to even be sliced? what happened to the good old days of holding the apple in your hand and just...well...EATING it? I dunno man, but that's what I do.
    oh and the how far can you go on a tank.... I need that handy little "___ miles left to go" All I get is a boring little light.

  2. How many gallons does it take to fill up when almost near empty as compared to the number of gallons the owners manual says the tank holds?