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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pedal Power

 I have told you all about my struggles with allergies this year.  If I run one day I am out for the following two days but recently I have been doing a little biking with our diabetes group.  The local diabetes group has been training for the Dallas Tour De Cure and since the diabetes rally the group has just kept on having training rides since we built so many bonds and friendships.  The only thing is I have been using my sons road bike since he has been away backpacking at Philmont.
 Now that my son is back I have to get my road bike back into riding shape and if you can tell from these photos I had alot of work to do.  You are wondering how I have so many broken spokes?  The answer is I left an open bottle of muratic acid in my garage and it basically destroyed any exposed steel in my garage even my garage door.  I had to have a guy out to get my garage door fixed and have been putting off working on my bike till I had the nerves to do the project.  I don't know why I was scared to work on my bike but it made my diabetes shiver in my pants.  Then over the past couple of weeks I did a little research and found out I am just a wuss and working on your bike is as easy as riding a bike.  So I contacted one of my co-workers to see if he had some rims laying around the house and to my luck he did.  Then I purchased some new tires, tubes, and a new chain and I was in the bike repair business.
 The gear cartridge exchange was fast and simple and the only issue I had was the tires because my wife had the tire chop stix things that help you pull the tire onto the rim with her.  A few hours later and I had a working cycle.  Now don't get me wrong I do still have rusty bolts on the derailleurs, crank, headset, set and everywhere else but for my slow butt the bike rides like butter now.  Then on Sunday my son and I took a nice 45 mile bike ride and I have found a sport I can perform while allergy season is killing me.  Good thing for me I have an appointment with the eyes, ears, nose, and allergy guy tomorrow and hopefully there is some sort of unicorn blood I can drink or fairy dust that will give me the energy of 10 diabetic ox's.
The other day I was picking up some scripts from CVS and saw this magazine on their rack.  Who would have thunk-it that there is a cure for us silly type one diabetics and that we can just not eat sugar and our diabetes goes away.  I didn't buy the magazine because diabetes is fun for me but if you want to beat the betes without drugs you should look into this magazine.  How stupid do they think we are?

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  1. "tire chop stix things"
    always making me laugh.
    I'm happy to hear you're finding ways to get out and ride. GOOD FOR YOU! cycling is magical. :)