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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One small issue and the rest is great!

 You all remember me telling you about my new flashlight a while ago (Yes I know I am a dork and like flash lights).  I wanted to give you an update because it brought to mind an issue we all deal with.  This is the Icon Rogue 2 flashlight with 130 lumins and runs on 2 AA batteries.
 This is one freaking awesome flashlight and for the 12 bucks I spent on it, there are no others like it but there is one reason I think why they sell these online for 20 to 35 bucks.  The reason is the button on the bottom.  You see in the picture above how the button protrudes excessively far from the bottom and what this does is always clicks the light into the on position.  Now this does not just happen on the rare occasion but it happens every time you put the light in your pocket or for me my brief case.  For a novice they would say this is a horrible design for a flashlight and that it wastes batteries and is a piece of junk, but I will tell you a simple fix around this.
My first scoutmaster taught me to do this with my flashlights at the ripe age of twelve.  He told me to turn one of the batteries around when it is not in use so that no matter what (OK so maybe broken bulb or water might cause it not to work) the light works.  Since then I have always done this with every flashlight in our house and my son does it as well.  The funny thing is once our electricity went out and my wife grabbed a flashlight and was mad as a storm that it didn't work.  Then our son takes it from her, opens up the top, flips the battery around and turns it on, and hands it back to her.  Using this simple trick will keep you from spending hundreds of dollars on wasted batteries and will prepare you for an emergency with with the gift of light.

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