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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When is a Pixie stick a medical device?

 You know what is good with hanging out with other diabetics?  It is when they share free samples with you.  On my recent bike ride two weeks or so ago the leader of the pack, lets call him Jeff had some freebies for everyone to try and one of them was this "Quick Sticks" glucose stuff. 
 I fee right now we are really in a diabetes Renaissance period where we have new medical devices coming from all sides and fast acting insulin's that allow us to eat what we want and balance life with good carb counting.  Then the last is all the day to day things that make life closer to like those normal peoples lives such as insulin pumps and CGM devices.  There are those times though that even with a 24/7 watch of what we eat, do, and think about diabetes we can still get a little low and what the un-named person called "Jeff" gave me were these pixie stick'ish, glucose cocaine, sour low stuff that was quite interesting.
 These "Quick Sticks" have 10 grams of carbs and act pretty quick in the system (hence the name Quick Stick) but what they really appeal to are the inner diabetic kids inside of each of us.  These are really sour (I would like to try the watermelon ones to compare) just like any sugary kid treats with a neat packaging that makes them look like they are for everyone but, when you start reading all the information they are mainly for diabetics.  How cool is this and if I were younger these are what would be in my stone washed 16 year old Levi Strauss blue jean pockets to look like a normal kid with candy that is made for diabetics or something like that.
While reading the packaging it looks like "Quick Sticks" is working hard to get out and in the public diabetes eyes with their texting, book of facing, and tweetering written all over the package.  If you have kids or have an inner diabetic kid inside you I would definitely recommend these as an alternative to boring glucose tabs or as a change of scenery to your glass of OJ or banana, or whatever you do when the meter  says: "46" or something ridiculous like that.  Check them out at and of course they would love for you to thumbs up them on the book of faces.  Disclaimer:  I received these from a person that had free samples and he nor anyone paid for my review, and "Quick Sticks" is welcome to give me any amount of support to help fund my goal of getting type ones outdoors.  So maybe in the future I might be lucky enough to pursue them to give me a bucket of pennies but for right now Please just understand it was a free sample and I am always willing to accept sponsorship dollars from any company.

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