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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sock update

 I wanted to give an update on my "sole pleasers" diabetic socks I first reviewed back on January 10th of 2012.  So it has been about six months since sent me these socks and I must say they are quickly becoming one of my favorite socks to wear with khaki's or some black tennis shoes while mowing the lawn or maybe just sitting around the house in a nice old pair of whitie tighties and a mustard stained wife beater undershirt (those last two are of course jokes, I would never do either of those).
 All of us young type one diabetics have always had such funny jokes about diabetic socks and what the heck they are good for or are they considered diabetic socks because they don't have any sugar in them?  Well the truth is that some smart person told me that the difference is actually something in the construction of the sock is not binding around the leg but instead woven to where the grip comes from the vertical something another.  That is about where my A.D.D. kicked in and I just heard Charlie Browns teacher talking from then on but, I was convinced and wanted to try and now I am a believer that they really do feel different than normal people socks even without the sugar in them.
The biggest concern I had with these socks was that if they would hold up over time or would my big toe and pinkie toe be sticking their heads out after some time.  From the pictures you can see that there are no holes or even noticeable wear on the socks and I wear these guys probably once a week or so.  Now I don't camp in these socks and they are not tube or dress socks.  They are really good to wear with blue jeans or khaki's in an IT meeting and you want to fit in.  If you have never tried sugar free diabetes carb counting socks then I definitely would say to go to and buy a pair or two. 

Disclaimer: I received a 25 dollar gift card from to purchase several different pairs of socks to try and review for them.  The website has not paid me for this review nor has anyone ever given me a single freakin dime for all this hard work to keep you diabetics safe and sound in the outdoors so if you want to sponsor me or have a company that wants to advertise with The Diabetic Camper feel free to contact me and we can spread the word on camping with diabetes to more people.  The reason I reccomend you purchasing from socks4life is because they really wanted me to first help them verify that the socks they carry were of the highest quality and second they worked with me to find socks that fit my lifestyle so feel free to contact them with all your questions because they really are good people with freakin great prices.

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  1. Hey Dave! Thanks for the article, you have a great writing style! Easy to understand and fun to read! I like that you write your own reviews and don't take sponsorships from anyone! Can you tell me some of the main differences between diabetic socks and a pair of dress socks? It sounds like something I might be interested in. I don't have diabetes, but I think my feet might have some circulatory issues and I wanted to try this for at work and around the house.