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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If that aint country...

 I am not sure if all of you have every taken the country drive over the weekend but last weekend while visiting my family in Oklahoma we were driving out to a pool party at one of my brothers life long friends and came across this farm out in the country.  I tried to snap a bunch of pictures of what this guy has decorated his property with but if you zoom in and read the signs it is quite funny.  The picture above is of a bulldozer scoop and it says: "I used to push fat @SS b.s. around."  The road frontage was full of funny signs like this.
 Apparently the gentleman has a beef with the city council about some sort of business he wanted to have on his land but they did not approve his request to have his property reclassed so now he puts his feelings on funny signs that are all over his property.  The sign above said something that my brother said was funny but I did not get a good picture of it so just enjoy the recycle old electronics and appliances sign.
Here is the corner of the property and the guy went so far as to make a fake headstone that says something about R.I.P. the people that wronged him and that they are cheap. 

Lets say you are adventuresome and want to move to the country.  I always say there are a few "types" of country living. There are the huge open farms with agriculture going on them, then there are the small farms with a bit of agriculture and livestock, then there are the places like the pictures above where people live in the country so that nobody can complain about the trash in their front yard, and last there are the meth trailers in the country where they all have a four wheeler or two out front with tons of burnt trash on the side and a falling down front porch and maybe an electrical cord connecting a few other trailers near by.  Now I am not saying any of these are bad just this is how it is when you look for land in the country.  The reason I know all this great advice is because when my wife and I decided to purchase some land for weekend use our real estate agent was good about telling us which category all the properties we were thinking about lied in and then he would take us to one of them to show us about each type.  With that knowledge we found a perfect ranch that we love and use regularly with a minimal amount of meth and trashy neighbors.

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