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Monday, July 30, 2012

Be aware of bad generics!

 Over the weekend I was doing some shopping for a couple of last minute items for my sons nine day backpacking trip.  The things he needed were matches, a pack cover, and biodegradable soap.  My favorite place to check for simple items like this is my friendly Walmart.  While in the camping section there were a few new items they carry and I wanted to do a big warning to all of you that these items are not like the real thing so stay clear or at least understand what you are getting.  First is the "s-clip" you see above which is a poor attempt at re-creating the great "s-biner" by Nite eyes.

Here is a picture of the real deal "s-biner" that you should get if you want to attach water bottles, key chains, or survival gear to something.  Notice how the real "s-biner" is nice and rounded, wit a quality look to it.  Then notice the "s-clip is rough around the edges and looks like a meth head made it in his backyard out of some copper wire he stole from an air conditioning core.  The price is almost exactly the same and you will be much happier by not spending your money on the bad generic and just get a real Nite Eyes "s-biner."
Here is the next item that works as a descent cord but should never be thought of as the real "para-cord" that can hold actual weight.  The above is like your shoe laces (maybe even lower quality than your shoe laces) that is an all around product that will help you lash poles together, guy lines on your tent, or make a clothes line.  Just never use this as a means to support your weight in some sort of life or death situation.

Above is real para cord or what is known as 550 cord because it can hold 550 lbs.  This is the good stuff and costs maybe a dollar more than the cheap poly cord.  Why the difference?  Well para cord has seven individual strands in it that by themselves can hold 50 lbs each.  Then the outer shell has some sort of 32 flavors woven together that give it the rating of 200 lbs so together you get 550 lbs total weight.  This stuff can be used to save your life or just like poly cord as a lashing rope, guy line for your tent, or a clothes line.  When purchasing para cord you can find about a billion websites that sell it and just like fabric the more you buy the cheaper it gets just remember this stuff is pretty hard to cut so if you are buying lets say like 1,000 feet so you can make 10 100ft sets you might want to think about investing in one of those hot knives.

What have we learned today?  From my previous posts you know there are all sorts of great generic items out there that work as good as the name brand equipment but there are items out there.  Then there are generics out there that are not worth anything and to avoid them like those weirdo's with diabetes (just kidding, I have diabetes).  Walmart does cary all sorts of great products just make sure you check in with me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns:

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