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Friday, July 20, 2012

Kohls coupons

 Every month I get a 10 dollar gift certificate coupon thing from Kohl's department store and every month I say "Hey I am going to use this free money this month."  Then time goes by and it expires and I bought nothing.  Then when I do make an effort and remind myself to go and save some green on new clothes I walk around like a mental patient that just escaped out of the hospital with his dairy air showing out of the back.  I can't figure out what I want from Kohl's.  Now, I am not sure how nationwide Kohl's department store is so if you are wondering what I am talking about just think of a department store that doesn't sell real nice things but they sell middle of the road stuff.  Like instead of carrying "Polo" they Carry "Chaps" which is nice just not "Polo" and I am rough on my clothes so to waste good diabetes money on clothes I am not really into or is going to wear out pretty fast than I can just throw the gift certificate coupon things in the mail till I know what I need.
 Then one day it hit me while trying to find a way to convert all my whitie tightie cotton underwear to those fancy high performance "sport" underwear I took my gift card coupon thing into Kohl's and found out they sell this stuff there and not just that they sell these fancy undies there they are almost always on sale.  The only issue is they don't make the fancy "sport" underwear in the whitie tightie style but instead you have to get them with the compression legs built in.  Why do I need to compress my legs and keep my junk in the right place with the same undergarment?  Anyways, I found the above Adidas undies that were as close to whitie tightie style as I could find.  These models are called "trunk" which cracks me up like I need to have "trunk" associated with a pair of my undies.  So the undies were originally 24 bucks, but Kohl's had them buy one get one half off which made them 36 and with my 10 dollar gift card coupon thing they came out to 24 bucks for four pairs of Adidas "trunk" style performance "sport" underwear.  Now ever month I will go and pick up a few new ones and soon will be all "sporty" with my undies.  The reason I am making the switch is because usually during the weekdays I love my whitie tighties but on the weekends in the summer and when its warm I like to wear shorts.  Now when camping I like to wear what are known as boat shorts that are kind of like underwear but with a gazillion pockets and built in underwear but they are not really appropriate in public so now with my new undies I can wear any pair of fancy shorts without built in underwear and not have to worry about chaffing from cotton whitie tighties.  At this point everyone is saying: Dave this is way too much information, but now you too can use your Kohl's gift card coupon thing and save money for more insulin or glucose tablets.
My friend Mason sent me this picture of a t-shirt he picked up in Maine.  I laughed so hard and thought I had to share it with the world.  Such a fun play on words.

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