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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are all glucose tablets made equal?

 So last week was my diabetes learning week about how to be a team captain for .  One thing that is always fun to get when participating in diabetes seminars and lectures or even the University of "in" is the freebies.  One of those freebies was a giant bottle of the all natural glucose tablets called "Glucolift." 
 Now, we all have had glucose tablets and we all have a flavor or group of flavors that are the least bad tasting over time or sit on your stomach properly without the thoughts of powdered vomit coming to mind.  I personally have always enjoyed the tropical fruit flavors and the white one is usually my favorite.  We all think of glucose tablets as being equals and that there probably is only one factory that makes these things and they just put them in different labelled bottles.  The difference is usually just the price until now.  What we have now is the product Glucolift and let me tell you something.  These are not your grandparents glucose tablets or something similar to those 80's tubes of nasty red stuff.  These tablets actually, wait for it, taste freaking good and do not give me the powdered vomit.  Also if that is not enough for you, they will make you want a low just so you can eat more of them.
So far my favorite is the Orange Cream but the wildberry and cherry are very delicious as well.  So next time you are in the store (not sure if these are sold in stores yet) or you are surfing Amazon, spend a few good dollars and pick yourself up some of these tasty low treats.  You almost will "miss-judge" a carb count so you can have an extra treat (Legal disclaimer: I do not condone anyone eating or drinking anything that affects their diabetes and I am a certified camper not a medical expert so never do much of anything I say without first consulting someone who can type propperly).

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