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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I still love this video!

I came across an old email today from my wife that had this video clip in it and every time no matter what it makes me laugh.

 Last night while sorting out the real mail from the junk mail I came across this volleyball magazine for my wife.  She is a coach and so every now and the she gets these buy our stuff sort of magazines so I decided to flip through it and see what the latest and greatest knee pads and nets were this season.
Then halfway through the magazine I came across this advertisement for PR Bar which is a product we all got to try out at my San Diego trip to the U of "in."  We had case after case of these bars and let me tell you something, they might not be the best tasting bar on the planet, nor are they the best meal supplement bar, but they are probably the best diabetes bar on the planet.  What makes these so good for diabetes you are asking yourself?  Well friend they only have 22g's of carbs and just like in the advertisement above they get your body to burn your fat as fuel, so this is a win-win situation.  Now they aren't bad either, but I wouldn't put them down as the best tasting and they do give you substance in your belly but I have had other meal replacement bars that filled me up better.  Now those two things should not be taken as criticism or anything I am just stating how they worked on me and I have had tastier and more filling bars but they either had a gazillion carbs or were pumped full of sugar and there is no perfect bar for every situation.  These bars are not what you are going to grab when you blood sugars are low (because they only have 22 carbs people!  I know I tried) but when you are hungry and your blood sugars are in your target zone these bars will hold you down and not get your sugars out of the target workout zone.  Now one bar I did try that was always pretty darn good (all the bars were good just some are chocolate coated and were a bit messy in the heat) was the peanut butter berry bar.  Now this bar says it is a granola bar but think of it as a soft bar made out of peanut butter and other stuff.  The next question you are going to ask me is where do I get these PR Bars?  Currently you can only order them over the phone or online through their website but if you are diabetic and want something that does not spike your blood sugars or if you are a person that likes to have an energy/meal bar then order a couple of cases of these guys now and in about six months when these bars hit the local shelves you will already be apart of the "in" crowd and be able to brag about how you knew about these bars through your favorite blog (OK so maybe my blog is not your favorite but work with me I need lots of attention) and you have been eating these awesome bars for a while now.  If you zoom in on my picture above there is a 12 dollar off coupon.  Now let me give you a disclaimer so you don't think my house is made of PR bars.  I have only received sample PR Bars through U of "in" which is a part of and they nor did anybody promise me anything or pay me anything (trust me I would love to get something in return from this blog) to write about this product.  I just wanted to help my other type 1's and the rest of you normal people out there.  Enjoy!

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