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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How about a slice of artisian bread?

 I will tell you all something and that is to pay attention to what your friends are doing or anyone for that matter and don't be afraid to ask questions.  Back in May my friend Paul was purchasing all the food for our camping menu's during our climbing and rappelling certification trainings.  One thing he did was buy us cold cuts and stuff to make sandwiches.
Instead of buying some nasty half stale, dry, and probably going to be soggy sliced bread for these cold cut hoagies he bought some cheap artisan style sandwich rolls.  Sometimes the little things make all the difference and if you have ever had a plain Jane bologna sandwich on a camping trip, try next time to spend an extra 30 cents or so and get some fancy bread.  The fancy bread not only tastes better, it holds up better in your pack, and it also is a bit stiffer so it does not get soggy.  The other people that attended the trips were completely jealous of us an our super hoagies.  Remember just because you go camping it does not mean you have to eat roots and fried squirrel.  You can do simple things to make it an excellent experience.  The example in these pictures is my lunch today because we did not eat all our food last weekend so I get awesome hoagies for lunch.

Not sure if any of you watch commercials like I watch commercials but right now Red Stripe beer has the funniest commercials on the planet.  This dude reminds me of myself a bit.

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