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Monday, July 23, 2012

How hot is too hot for camping?

This weekend did a quick camping trip in the wonderful 107 degree heat with the humidity levels in the stratosphere because rain was all around us just not on us.  The picture above is my trying to get a picture of "Ol One Eye" as I named him.  He is the lead raccoon that kept coming to our camp to terrorize me.  You ask why I call him "Ol One Eye," well that is because he only had one eye as you can see from my horrible picture above.  After 10 sneak attacks and 50 pictures later, this is the best I could get before he would bow up to me and give me the wink of the eye that if I took one more step towards him I might be one eyed just like him.

Now I like to keep something in the tent with me at night in case my BG's get a little low and I can easily reach over and snack on some gummy worms or something but with "Ol One Eye" roaming the camp with his band of brothers that lurked at the edge of the woods I knew that snacks in the tent was not a good idea.  The first thing we did was move the trash can just out of camp but not too far where it would be a lure for them instead of our camp.  This created a diversion to keep "Ol One Eye" focused on the trash can and not my sweet diabetic toes and stuff.  Then I made sure my BG's were slightly elevated so that to reduce the possibility of a midnight low.  Also another thing is my elevated BG's was good because the heat plus high humidity, plus camping outdoors can do strange things with your numbers and one night of an elevated BG is not going to kill me but if I got too low then that would be a serious issue (even though a brand new hospital was like 5 miles away).  If we had been doing something other than trunk camping then I would have hung a diabetes bag in the general area of my tent so I could get to my gummy worms in a short period of time.  Now I would not put the diabetes bag real close to your tent because if it did attract raccoons then they would be all over your tent trying to get the bag out of the tree, so remember general area but not too close or too far.

The coolest thing we did was one boy brought a light up Frisbee and we played night Frisbee and had a blast since it was only 89 degrees at night.  The night Frisbee was probably the highlight of the trip and now I realize that to camp in north Texas in July and August to plan on resting during the day and playing cool night games.  Also with the high humidity it was great for spider spotting.  You ask what is "spider spotting?"  The sport of spider spotting is when the spiders are all out at night because of the right conditions and with a flashlight their eyes glimmer like small diamonds and you can find every one of them and have fun trying to see which types of spiders are in your area.

This is the funniest commercial on the planet and I wish that I was invited to this cool kid party.  I saw this commercial on TV and rewound for 20 minutes just listening to it.  These guys know how to party.

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