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Monday, April 2, 2012

What is your stress test?

 Last week we had a pretty bad rain/wind storm in town.  I know it was pretty bad when my wife woke me up and asked if I could hear something dripping in our attic.  I lied in bad and listened to the rain outside and also the drops of rain inside my attic.
 My wife quickly called her parents and they suggested she poke holes in the ceiling to let the water drain, instead of pooling in the attic and having a large amount of drywall fall later down the road.  Of course my wife decided to poke these holes above my side of our bed.  With her second stab into the ceiling water started to come down onto my side of the bed.  That is when my wife told me to call the insurance company to see how to get our roof repaired.
 Once I woke up and put a bucket under the dripping hole above my side of the bed and got to work I made the call.  Now I don't know about you but for me certain things are just stress for my diabetes.  This whole roof leak was a huge stress situation.  I was stressing out about the cost, how to find a quality roofer, and what if we get more rain before the repairs are done.  Would I have to hug a bucket while sleeping at night?
 The insurance adjuster came out on Friday to assess the damage and that was the cherry on the top for my diabetes stress.  I kept thinking, what if he gets on the roof and says I am crazy and we just have like a few hundred dollars of work but our insurance will now go up for him having to climb my roof for no reason.  The other situation was like he says the house is non-livable until the roof is fixed and we have to live in a van down by the river or something.  My BG numbers were all over the place, I couldn't sleep, and why do I know nothing about roof repair.  These sound like nothing to the likes of most of you but for me this was my stress button being turned to 11.

The agent took these pictures and was real nice.  He of course broke his camera and had to borrow my phone (umm we all know what happened to my camera) to snap some pictures.  In about three hours he came to the door and let me know the roof was needing a complete replacement and that he was also putting in some hail repair to the vents, drywall replacement, and paint in our bedroom.  He then talked to me about how the process works going forward and that I should have just called a roofer and had them put a tarp on it until he could come out and assess the situation. 
This just goes to show that no matter how big or how little things are they constantly put pressure on the diabetes.  I was relieved and still stressed once he told me the damage (now I have to find a roofer) report.  Then after he hands me his card with his email address to send the pictures he heads off into the sunlight.  I then take my phone and look at the pictures and see all the writing on my roof.  Some of this does look like he was taking notes on my roof or something.  maybe he was going to do that google earth and see if he can read his notes online later or something.


  1. That was indeed a stressful one, Dave. Have you found a roofer who can fix your roof? It's important to have the shingles immediately repaired so that you don't need to put a large bucket beside your bed before you sleep.

    Alejamuel Sultz

  2. Having roof holes can definitely be stressful on homemakers. It can lead to roof leaks, ceiling drips, and sleepless nights. Good thing you and your wife decided to have it fixed. Looking at the pictures, it looks like the problem was relatively manageable and could be fixed easily. But do check the other parts of the roof. There may be some parts that need replacement.

    -Elizabeth Hoffnung

  3. Having a leaky roof can really be stressful, and that goes for anybody! Unfortunately for you, the leak is only a fraction of your problems along with hail damage and dry wall replacement. Anyway, you should check the roof every once in a while. I’m guessing you just didn’t notice that your roof was having a problem from the beginning.

    @Joanne Barragan