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Monday, April 16, 2012

Attack of the birds!

We live our lives (diabetics) around schedules, measurements, pills, and exercise.  The one thing that diabetics or other people can not prepare for is a change in your life or a stressful situation.  This morning was a great day (besides running late to work), Pete was chasing me around the yard and the dogs were happy and off to work I go with my diabetes man purse and my water bottle.

 The moment I open the front door to the house I get the surprise of my life.  A pigeon flies right into my face and then flies off.  Now who on a Monday morning is expecting to get a pigeon in the face as they open the front door?  Well I for certain was not and right at that time I felt the BG's go south real quick.  Once I recover from the attack and get all my gear settled into my truck I went back to see why the pigeon was in my face.  From the pictures above you can see that we occasionally try to do flowers in iron baskets on our front door/porch.  Well the flowers always die because we forget to water them and halfway through the summer if they are still alive the sun does not shine on them long enough to get them to do much either.  So we end up with empty baskets all year.

Back to the situation at hand, when I returned to see why a pigeon was on my front door I look into the top basket (this basket is head high) and notice that last night this pigeon made a nest and had an egg.  I have had to deal with unwanted pigeons before and know that once you scare a mom as bad as I did she has now probably ditched this egg and nest. and I am left to deal with the leftovers. 

Once I got back to my truck I began to eat my backup low BG tootsie rolls stash and once I felt comfortable with everything proceeded with my day.  This is just another one of those days where everything is going perfect and just the most simple thing throws your day into a frenzy.  By the time I got to work my BG's were still stable but fluctuated a little low the rest of the morning.  Just another day with diabetes.  Its not just a disease it is also an adventure!

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  1. I'm glad you survived the attack. My bg is heading south just from laughing so hard.