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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is this yard art or disturbing?

 Sunday was my first whole day of yard work this year.  I went to home depot and stocked up on week whacker string, bought all sorts of vegetable plants, and also bought some seed potato's.  Since I camp alot my house gets little to no attention most of the year.  We have alot of perennials which is nice that they come back each year so I have little to no work for them.
 With the warm winter and all the rain Dallas has received the plants and trees are in full force.  You can see how nice my roses are doing so far.  They look nice for about a month and then the moisture gives them black spots and the leaves fall off and they just sputter along the rest of the year looking half dead and shocked out of their minds.  I have to find a way to get better drainage around them. 
 Every year I try to do some cute poses for my garden Nome.  He used to stand by a little bird feeder house thing my mother gave us but about two years ago it finally bit the dust.  Now the Nome is looking kind of pale.  Maybe I can do some touch up paint on him and the frog.  This year he is standing on a mountain (OK it is a rock, I know work with me here) looking down onto the frog prince below, or something like that.  Is it wrong of me to take rocks from parks?  The rock the Nome is standing on is from a boy scout camp that I saw next to the road.  It has nice lichens on it and some moss.  This rock would cost me twenty bucks at home depot.
 As I was getting the yard up to shape for the coming season, I came across a horse head my wife put under one of our gutter downspouts.  I really liked the skull and thought it would look nice under our live oak tree in the middle of our front yard.  So I kind of did one of those western scenes that usually have a broken wagon wheel, a rusty cast iron pot, and a cow or horse head.  So I did my diabetic interpretation and have a live oak, horse skull, pig jaw and random teeth and bones, a frog and a nice looking river rock.
My wife sees my beautiful western scene scape and tells me it is disturbing and a little tacky.  Does this scene seem that way or is this kind of cool western diabetes looking?  Please let me know.  I am sure my wife will make me take it down in a week or so but I just wanted to poll the diabetes community and see what you all think.  Or if you don't have diabetes but still have an opinion I would like to hear from you as well.


  1. No, no, no. Dead animal skulls are not something that should be decorative in a flower bed. Next you'll have the garden gnome standing over it with a spear in one hand and wearing a rabbit pelt. I'm taking your wife's side on this one, Dave. Pitch those and plant some flowers instead. :) I've had great results with tick seed flowers. They're pretty & come back every year - and I haven't done a thing to them either.