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Friday, April 27, 2012

Why are my diabetes supplies not active lifestyle compatible?

Headed out to the Wichita mountains today to finish my climbing and rappelling instructor certification.  These are not your typical tall snow capped rugged mountains.  They are more of a definition mountain that look like huge hills.  What is nice about them is that they are a course granit with lots of boulders. 

Yesterday I was talking about rugged diabetes supplies and what I forgot to mention is how your psyche is when you don't trust your equipment.  When you don't trust your medical supplies you worry and that causes unwanted and un-needed stress and that affects your BG level.  Then you carry multiple backups so you can sleep at night.  I have been emailing meter companies to come up with a meter that is like the Animas and MiniMed pumps, high durability that is functional.  Some meters have great back lights and can be read in outdoor light and some are great at high accuracy.  There are just no meters made for clumsy outdoor people like myself.  What I have gathered is that people are not willing to actually pay for their meter.  Most or probably all meters are free so that once you have a certain brand you will use their strips and that is where the money is made.  So I am stuck emailing companies, trying to let them know that diabetics can go outdoors and run, swim, camp,  run and have fun.  I just hate that the companies that are supposed to be helping us live normal lives are our biggest obstacle.

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