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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ancient Diabetes Camping Secret

 Here is one of my many first aid bags that are usually packed for certain types of weather and activities.  This one has band aids, gauze pads, pain relief gel, gold bond medicated powder, and a spare clear plastic bag.  Of course this is missing some mole skin and medical tape (maybe a few other items as well).
 This is my hiking/backpacking/ gonna sweat alot first aid kit.  The band aids are for my usual cuts and scrapes.  The gauze pads usually help out as a towel in changing infusion sets.  The plastic bag I think is supposed to be used as a CPR dam or something.  I use them to put sweaty gear in on the occasion.  Then the gold bond is for everything else.
 I remember the first time that gold bond was introduced into my life.  It was a hiking trip in the Oachita mountains in Oklahoma and it rained nonstop the entire hike.  There was nothing dry by dinner time and when we made camp everyone took out their dry change of clothes (the rain stopped for dinner) and proceeded with the rest of the evening.  I however felt a funny tingle in my pants, and no it was not that kind of tingle.  This was the soft inner skin of my thighs had been rubbed clean off and I was officially chafed.  Now at 12 years old who knows how to do anything about this?  I just figured to walk bow legged until we headed home, but the pain was to much and I asked one of the adult leaders what to do and he gave me gold bond powder and I poured that stuff on like it was Christmas and the pain went away and the rest of the trip I poured more on and kept the pain away.  Gold Bond is great for swimming, boating, and just out having fun.  Anytime you are going to be wet it works.  The trick to Gold bond is to first buy the small container which runs a solid two bucks or more.  Then go to a discount store and buy a jumbo container of generic powder and refill your gold bond travel container, this will save you lots of space and money.

The next great thing about gold bond is to use it as a pre-sweating event.  Don't use it before swimming because you will just be a dough ball.  I am talking about your under pits and also that elusive pump site.  Have you ever had someone tell you to put antiperspirant deodorant on before applying your infusion site to get it to stay on longer?  If you have heard that from anyone it would be from someone who has never don it because it doesn't work.  Antiperspirant deodorant wont allow your infusion set to stick to your skin.  What I have found to do is of course IV-prep and then once your site is on, then use antiperspirant deodorant around your site but, don't touch your site.  Then I put gold bond powder all over my body to look like a ghost and that will usually keep my site on for the entire day of sweat filled fun and then change your site out afterwards.  Now remember (here is my disclaimer) I am not a infusion site specialist, nor do I possess a degree in infusion site management so see a professional infusion site specialist before doing this.  This not a perfect system but it helps if you are a sweat monster like I am in the summertime.  The trick also is to bring your sham-wow towel and dry off often and re-apply gold bond.
This morning I was letting Pete the Chicken out of her coup the sun was coming up so beautifully in the sky that a photo had to be taken.  This to me is a nice clear break of all the blues from the reds to orange then a nice yellow sun coming up.  Hope you enjoy.

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