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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are you "In"

I have written on my blog a few times about joining a few times how I was so excited to join a diabetes organization that has a group all dedicated to taking diabetes in the woods.  Then I mentioned how sad I was when it hit me that they are based out of California and there were no local chapters in the Dallas area.

Well, now there is a chapter in the Dallas area. purchased DESA (Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association) which has a local chapter and now I have signed up to be a team captain.  I am a team captain for "Team Testing Limits" where we take the youth (teenagers) of the type 1 diabetes world out camping and mentor them. or as they call themselves "In" has several specialized clubs but the focus for "In" is to get people with diabetes out and about with setting goals, supporting one another, and training all done with diabetes.  Now these people do anything from Ironmen competitions to Saturday morning walks.  They have something for everyone.

Now that this great program is in Dallas we can join in the fun.  As a team captain I am focusing on organizing "Dawn Phenom" events, which are just one to two hour events that can be from horse back riding to paddle board yoga and everything in between.  Organizing the "Team Testing Limits" camping trips, and promoting this to anyone that has or knows someone with diabetes.  One of my jobs as a team captain is to raise funds so that "Team Testing Limits" can provide our camping trips at or near no cost to these youth (teenagers).  I am asking each and everyone of you to please take a moment and click on my link and make a donation of any size.  That would mean the world to me.

Since "In" is just getting started in the Dallas area with the exception of DESA and its current members, it is going to take a great deal of planning, organizing, and work to get the ball rolling.  I am excited to be on the ground floor of this type of active diabetes lifestyle to the Dallas area.  There always seems to be running clubs, dancing clubs, coin collecting clubs, or any sort of club but a general outdoor club for diabetes to my knowledge has not existed and with the focus of anyone can participate with diabetes is great! 

Last but not least, I have been working on having some camping related items for that need the push to give just a bit more.

First if you donate $100.00 dollars or more I will send you a CRKT Eat'N tool.

You say you want a push to give even more?  Well how about if you donate $250.00 dollars or more.  Not only will you get the CRKT Eat"N tool but also you will receive a Mini-Maglite double "A" LED flashlight.

I know you are saying: "Umm Dave I can get both of those for less than that?"  Well yes you can but when you donate to "Team Testing Limits" you know that there will be one less diabetic youth out there saying to themselves that no one understands what it is like to be diabetic.  Having diabetes since I was thirteen and going through puberty and high school was hard.  There are alot of days you don't want to test or when your mother asks you what your numbers are and instead of telling the truth you decide to lie because you feel ashamed of how high they are.  Then even now people find out I am diabetic and they tell me about a family member that has diabetes but, they didn't take care of themselves and had a finger or toe cut off.  That makes me sad and angry because every diabetic is different and none of us are "bad," this disease sucks and it is hard so please take a moment and make a donation.  I personally can't cure diabetes but, maybe one of my bad jokes can help another diabetic understand and make them smile one more day.

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