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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ding and Dent Sale

 Diabetics always are thinking about their diabetes.  No matter what time it is or what day it is we are thinking of our diabetes.  Then there are those few occasions where we aren't exactly forgetting we are diabetic we are just no aware of our complete diabetes around us.  Last weekend was rock climbing for me and during my first climb I was loosening up and making my way up the wall when the people below me informed me of my insulin pump was bungee jumping off of my back.  When I had a free moment I put the pump in my pocket and went along my way.
 Once I was done with that first climb I realized that there was no prepump planning nor any diabetes thinking.  I just wanted to climb, and that was when it hit me that no matter what we have to think about it even when we don't think about it.  From the pictures above you can see that my Animas IR1200 took some pretty good scratches to it and she still survived.  That is the first thing I do with any new medical device is make sure it is durable.  A year ago I upgraded to the Omnipod system and in about three months realized that they system was awesome just the durability was not there.  My first camping trip I brought three backup pods and by the end of the first day I was on the last one and had basically duct taped the thing to me.  Then the PDM was lacking on the durability side as well.  Once I realized that the Omnipod system would not hold up to the Diabetic Camper I switched back to my out of warranty Animas IR 1200 pump and have been on it since.  That pump is the greatest.

I was visiting my friend Paul and one of his boys had decided to grow corn this year.  Now most people would just plant it in the ground but he decided to just start it in a cup, then he moved them to pots.  I guess he is just going to leave them in the pots but this is very neat as a porch garden, just a pot with corn in it.  I told him just to make sure he gives it plenty of nutrients and it should do good.

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